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Is Kendall Jenner The New Face Of Calvin Klein?

Could Kendall Jenner be adding yet another gig to her lengthy résumé? If we're to believe the internet, it's a resounding yes—rumors are circulating that Kendall has recently inked a deal with Calvin Klein to front their next campaign. However, neither CK nor Camp Kardashian/Jenner have confirmed. Yet! A girl can dream, OK?? Plus, there are still a few signs that MIGHT point to this being a reality.

Before Justin Bieber was ~officially~ announced as CK's new face—and, LBR, bod—he teased the collab on Instagram. Similarly, Kendall has shared a few photos prominently displaying her love for CK, which adds (at least a little bit of) credence to this rumor.

In April of last year, she shared this photo, where she's wearing matching CK underwear and very low-rise jeans—y'know, as one does. In the caption, she thanked Calvin Klein for the "little gifts." Was CK trying to woo KJ? Could be, right?

More recently—in December—Kendall shared a faceless photo with her matching underwear prominent once again.

If the rumors prove to be true and KJ x CK becomes a reality, we just have one question—will she be posing with JB? Our fingers have never been crossed tighter.