Can Elizabeth Banks Beat Eddie Redmayne For Best Transformation At The MTV Movie Awards?

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When the MTV Movie Awards come straight for your living room on April 12, some of the actors in attendance might be unrecognizable -- if you only know them from their recent movie roles, that is. The Best On-Screen Transformation category recognizes five actors who completely shed their skin and embraced a new look for the art of cinema... like frontrunner Eddie Redmayne, who already won an Oscar for his transformation in "The Theory of Everything" back in February.

However, don't think for one second that Redmayne doesn't have some stiff competition. Find out who they are (and choose who you want to vote for) below!

  1. Redmayne already won gold for his portrayal of physicist Stephen Hawking's battle with motor neuron disease, but will that be enough to win him the coveted Golden Popcorn? It's up to you, man.

  2. Banks was nearly unrecognizable as Effie Trinket in "Mockingjay." The fact that the typically flamboyant character had to tone down her look in District 13 didn't make her transformation any less remarkable, with Banks' typical mannerisms (and her eyebrows) melting away completely to make room for the dynamic Effie. She's definitely one to beat.

  3. Sometimes you don't need "movie magic" to transform on-screen -- all Coltrane had to do with age. Age from 6 to 18, to be exact. It's pretty wild what time can do to one's face.

  4. Carell, on the other hand, relied on prosthetics, a tight haircut, and body language to bring the (insanely creepy) multimillionaire Olympic sponsor-slash-murderer John du Pont to life. He was nominated for an Oscar alongside Redmayne -- will he finally get his revenge via Golden Popcorn?

  5. Not only did Saldana go full-green to bring Gamora to life, she also relied on a ton of facial prosthetics to nail that Zehoberei look. Get em, girl.

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