Watch 'Catfish' Guest Host Angel Haze Drop Some Serious Wisdom On This Online Liar


Angel Haze nearly nabbed a Moonman for Best Video with a Social Message at last year's MTV Video Music Awards, and after tonight's "Catfish" episode, it's clear why.

The rapper, who's wowed fans with her latest "Battle Cry," served as surrogate detective on the MTV show's latest case while Nev Schulman's typical right-hand man Max Joseph was away filming the upcoming flick "We Are Your Friends." And the chart-topper certainly made an impression.

Angel, a big-time fan of the show, spent the better part of the episode helping Harold, an 18-year-old basketball star from Illinois, track down his online girlfriend Armani Brown, with whom he'd been in contact for years but had never actually met. Harold explained that he grew up in a rough neighborhood in which SEVEN of his friends had been killed in recent months, and Armani served as his most reliable constant who was able to help him cope.

Unfortunately, after some serious sleuthing, the group discovered that the elusive Armani was actually a total stranger named Tamila, who had a sassy best friend named Babay Gotem Madd. Initially, the girls had little sympathy for the crestfallen Harold, but after some time to cool off and reflect, Tamila admitted that she'd created the fake profile out of total insecurity surrounding her complexion.

"That's why I picked a light-skinned girl for the picture," Tamila told Angel, Harold and Nev. "I got way more attention than I would with a dark-skinned picture."

Immediately, Angel was moved, and though she'd previously been firm with Tamila, she suddenly took the catfish under her wing and shared some truly moving words.

Watch Angel deliver a beautiful message above, tell us what you thought of tonight's episode and be sure to catch a new "Catfish" episode next Wednesday night at 10/9c!