13 Initiation Rites That Are More Painful Than Puberty

You think being a teen is tough?

Teenagerdom is a trying time for anyone: you're growing inches seemingly overnight, hair is appearing in weird places, your mood is swinging more than a backyard swingset. It's tough.

But it could be worse! You could be in a movie. From "Harry Potter" to "Mean Girls," we rounded up 13 movies featuring terrifying and/or painful initiations and tests. Count yourself as lucky that you don't have to go through these rites of passage -- just puberty.

  1. "Divergent"

    Jump on and off moving trains and over big scary gaps and fall down drops and also punch things a lot? Yeah, we'll take the joys of adolescence, thanks.

  2. "Harry Potter"
    Warner Bros.

    Besides fighting the Dark Lord, which was Harry's own personal annual growing pain, every Hogwarts student had to walk through a seemingly solid wall at Platform 9 3/4. Painless? Yes. Intimidating as hell? ALSO YES.

  3. "Bring It On"

    Growing hair in new places really seems like nothing compared to dropping the Spirit Stick. Because the one who drops the Spirit Stick goes to Hades.

  4. "Sorority Boys"

    If you thought joining a sorority was a feat, try joining a sorority while being a dude pretending to be a lady, and learn what it really feels like for a girl.

  5. "Maze Runner"
    20th Century Fox

    You have to try every job, you get called a "greenie" a bunch, and, oh yeah, you have to run from monsters in a giant steel maze.

  6. "Fight Club"

    If it's your first time, you have to fight. (But don't forget the first rule.)

  7. "Seventh Son"

    Get yelled at by Jeff Bridges, branded with a hot iron, and eaten by a dragon/Julianne Moore? Uhhhh. Rough deal.

  8. "The Hunger Games"

    What's puberty compared to the chance that you'll fight to the death against your peers? Bring on the growing pains!

  9. "Pitch Perfect"

    It may just be Boone's Farm, but blindfolding and group sings? Non-horizontal cardio? Not a cakewalk!

  10. "Mean Girls"

    You let it out, now put it in the book. To be a true Plastic, you've gotta write in the Burn Book.

  11. "The Faculty"

    As if high school wasn't hard enough, now you have to get dunked to prove you're not an alien? FINE.

  12. "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"
    Warner Bros.

    You're going through the whole process of being a teenage girl anyway. Now put on these pants, after seeing all your fabulous friends wear them too. Oh, the anxiety!

  13. "Friday Night Lights"

    Daily doubles. Enough said. Ow.