The 11 Most Epic Onscreen Pranks Ever

From booby traps to public pooping.

Whatever you call it -- practical joking, pranking, or punking -- you've gotta love an elaborate gag at someone else's expense, especially in the movies.

Sometimes a prank is the climactic comeuppance for the story's primary antagonist; other times, it's an extended performance that serves as the basis for an entire film. Below, we count down the 11 best (or worst, depending upon your perspective) pranks ever to appear onscreen.

  1. "Home Alone": Kevin's house of horrors

    The best compilation of booby traps ever to appear in a single movie.

  2. "Jackass": the hardware store toilet prank

    In a movie franchise full of pranks, Dave England's number two is still number one. All hail the king of the Ceramic Throne.

  3. "Borat" in its entirety

    Sacha Baron Cohen's prank crosses the line into performance art.

  4. "Bad Grandpa" in its entirety

    And so does Johnny Knoxville's.

  5. "Grumpy Old Men": the fish in the car

    Beautiful in its simplicity.

  6. "The Sandlot": Squints fakes his own death

    The one prank on this list that was done for the love, not the lulz.

  7. "Dumb and Dumber": TURBO LAX

    Lloyd knows that Harry just wants to be a regular guy.

  8. "Carrie": the prom prank

    No list of movie pranks would be complete without this elaborate scheme to crown Carrie White prom queen, and then drench her in a bucket of pigs' blood. (If someone did this to you, you'd burn down the school with your mind, too.)

  9. "Animal House": the horse prank

    Unfortunately, this one ended badly. Particularly for the horse.

  10. "Matilda": the hat and the superglue

    In which a brilliant child gets some satisfying revenge on her stupid, stupid father.

  11. "Stand by Me": the pie-eating prank

    Even though this prank never really happened -- even in the context of the movie, it was purely the invention of storyteller-to-be Gordy LaChance -- it's number one on this list for its sheer mercenary vengeance.