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Mona Might Be Alive On 'Pretty Little Liars' And We Are Having A Moment

The most recent episode of "PLL" dropped some serious clues.

"Pretty Little Liars" is afraid of commitment, especially when it comes to killing off pretty girls with ugly secrets. Why? Because Alison DiLaurentis may not be the only Rosewoodian who faked her death.

On last night's (March 10) episode of "Pretty Little Liars," there was enough evidence to suggest Mona Vanderwaal wasn't dead after all. No, we never saw Mona in the flesh -- and even the Liars themselves haven't come to this conclusion yet -- but a few clues have us seriously believing Mona did fake her death like she had planned. What makes us so sure? Read our list of burning questions to find out:

  1. Is Mona alive?
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    Alison told Hanna that some mysterious number had been sending her cryptic messages through the newspaper, and texting her since her mom died. Ali was convinced it was Mona because the messages stopped after her death. But the same number was found on the pizza box receipt that Emily swiped from Varjak's trash. The Liars suspect that "A" was behind the creepy newspaper messages, but we're not so convinced. Later in the episode, Aria received a call from the number, and when Caleb answered it, Mona's favorite song -- in French, of course -- started playing. Guys, we're calling it: Mona is alive and she's trying to lead the Liars to "A." And it may have something to do with the uber cryptic message she left the Liars in her mirror...

  2. What does Mona's message mean?
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    When Aria, Spencer and Emily went to look for clues in Mona's house, they found out her room had been ransacked. "A" left a snarky "Finders keepers, losers weepers" note to throw them off the trail, but Aria insisted they keep looking. (Yes, that was suspicious and yes, we will talk about this later.) That's when Spencer discovered a typewritten index card hidden inside Mona's hand mirror.

    "Chandelier’s rituals/Sister launched lair/A ruler’s list chained"

    What could this possibly mean? Well, prepare to have your mind blown: each line is an anagram for "Charles DiLaurentis." Who the eff is Charles?! Well, after some serious online sleuthing, it's possible Charles might be connected to "A," which is a little disappointing, TBH. We're nearly six seasons into this mystery, and if "A" isn't someone we know, we're going to scream. Unless, of course, Charles is a twin. Then we'll feel somewhat vindicated in our twin theory suspicions.

  3. Is Aria "A?"
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    Another episode, another clue to add to our "Aria is 'A'" list. Aria volunteered to go to Mona's house first to search for clues, which means she could have been the one to ransack Mona's room. In fact, she could have planted that note in Mona's mirror to throw the Liars off her trail. And let's not forget the "Boo Boo's Ice Cream" screwdriver that was found at the scene of the crime. We know Aria has been there before. Then again, we also have another theory. What if Aria has been helping Mona all along? She could have hidden that clue in the mirror on Mona's orders. Plus, Aria might have helped Mona fake her death -- by donning a blond wig and attacking her on camera.

  4. What's going on with Andrew?
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    The "Pretty Little Liars" Powers That Be did a bang-up job of making us believe Andrew was somehow in on the "A" game, but we just don't believe it. If anything, we think Andrew is suspicious of Aria. Yes, he admitted he was glad Mona was gone -- and it seemed way more intense than an academic decathlon rivalry -- but what if it was all a ploy to appeal to Aria's dArk side? And did he call the police about that screwdriver?

  5. Will Ali be convicted of Mona's murder?
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    Honestly, things aren't looking good for Ali. The prosecutors tried to poke holes in Ali's credibility by suggesting her kidnapping story was all a huge lie -- which it totally was -- and that her friends (AKA Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna) helped her corroborate it. (Also true.) So... yikes. If the Liars can't find a way to clear Ali and Hanna's names, their friends are looking at serious jail time.