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Miley Cyrus Woke Up On The Gigi Hadid Side Of The Bed This Morning

As we all should.

Who is Gigi Hadid? Where did Gigi Hadid come from? Why is Gigi Hadid suddenly everywhere? Am I Gigi Hadid? Are you Gigi Hadid? Are we all Gigi Hadid? Is Gigi Hadid in the laughter of a child? Is she the alpha? The omega? Turn off the lights. Go in the bathroom. Look in the mirror. Say "Gigi Hadid" three times. I think that answers your question.

Just kidding.

Gigi Hadid's actually a model who has walked the runway for everyone from Balmain to Moschino, and that's just in the last month. She's also the daughter of Yolanda Foster (one of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"), Cody Simpson's girlfriend, and a regular guest-star on both Taylor Swift and the Jenner sisters' Instagrams -- so that might explain why she's kinda been low-key everywhere the last couple of months.

And now she's finally crossed over into Miley Cyrus' Instagram -- sort of.

The "Wrecking Ball" singer posted this selfie on Tuesday (Mar. 9) with the caption: "Juz tryin 2 b as kiewt as a Hadid sister."

It's a reference to a photo Gigi took yesterday with her younger sister and fellow model, Bella.

While Miley's crossed eyes and OTT duckface might lead one to believe that she's imitating the Hadid sisters to mock them (it wouldn't be the first time), that's just not very likely.

I mean, Miley literally just helped create the flowery artwork for Cody Simpson's latest single, "Flower."

Cody Simpson is Gigi Hadid's boyfriend, by the way. Keep up.

You don't just make single art for someone and then passive-aggressively trash their significant other. And you definitely don't trash Gigi Hadid because, by the transitive property of Gigi Hadid, that's like trashing yourself.

Say Gigi Hadid one more time.

Gigi Hadid.