Best Coast/YouTube/Vevo

Best Coast’s New Lyric Video Is Basically Summer In Three Minutes And Twenty Seconds

Wherever you are, this track will send some California sunshine your way.

It's already been decided that Best Coast's upcoming album, California Nights, will be the soundtrack to saying "bye" to a winter that has frozen our hearts (and not in the cute Disney way).

Tuesday (March 10), the LA rockers dropped the lyric video for new song "Heaven Sent," which can only be described as an angelic-karaoke-dance-party-on-a-beach-in-July. Make sure you're not around any large and potentially dangerous pieces of furniture, because this track is gonna make you want to dance. Check it out below:

Keep the summertime vibes coming, Bethany and Bobb. We'll be playing this on loop until the full album comes out May 5 (which BTW, we're dubbing the unofficial start of summer).