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Charli XCX Is Teaming Up With A Comedian And A Selfie Stick For Her Next Video

'Famous' is probably going to get weird.

There are myriad exciting things in a recent tweet from Charli XCX: mention of a new music video, the term "selfie stick," Eric Wareheim from "Tim And Eric Awesome Show." Put them all together and, well, let's just say our hearts are booming, our hands are clapping and this is what our faces look like about now:

Let's take a moment to drink in that amazing micro-blogging missive, shall we?

So not only is Charli currently working on a new video -- for swaggery track "Famous" -- Wareheim is also directing it. For those not in the know, in addition to being hilarious, the Tim & Eric star is also a skilled music video director -- he's worked on videos for the likes of MGMT, Major Lazer ("Pon De Floor" is crazypants) and Flying Lotus.

Excited thus far? So are we. And we haven't even touched the mention of the infamous selfie stick yet. We sincerely hope she's not referencing an X-rated one because dear God no.

Getting stoked!