'Finding Carter' Shocker: Max Was Supposed To Die

Turns out, the crouton-loving nice guy was thisclose to the cemetery.

Any "Finding Carter" fan knows the show has been chock full of shocking twists, unexpected turns and salty tears (from both the characters and us, tbh). From David's literary lies to that affair (for shame, Elizabeth!), the characters aren't exactly known for their model behavior. And then there's Lori "Crazypants" McGee... no comment on that one.

That said, the show's writers had a different storyline in mind when they developed nice guy Max's character. Brace yourselves: Max. Was. Supposed. To. DIE.


What?! NO. That can't be true. (It's true.) During the behind-the-scenes interview, below, the cast revealed that Carter's hometown bestie and Taylor's love interest was never supposed to make it past Episode 10. When C's bad-news boyfriend accidentally shot Max in a hold-up-gone-wrong, that was originally going to be it for the flaxen-haired nice guy. No more video game fests with Grant, no words of wisdom for Carter and no multi-really confessions of love to Taylor. And no more croutons. SOMEBODY HOLD US.


Luckily, Max lived. THANK GOD. Croutons for everybody! Check out the interview below and tell us — how devastated would you have been if we'd actually lost Max?? Also be sure to catch the premiere of "Finding Carter" on Tuesday, March 31 at 10/9c!