Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

Nicki Minaj's Remix Of Maroon 5's 'Sugar' Is Extra Sweet

Get ya sugar.

Maroon 5 wanted a little more sweetness for the remix to their single, “Sugar,” so they added some extra spice courtesy of Nicki Minaj.

While the song has already notched the group a No. 3 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, it should get quite the boost with the Pinkprint rapper’s verse.

“I got them Now & Laters and Jolly Ranchers, too, it ain’t a question, but I got the answers, too/these shoes is Cavalli and the pants is, too, when I see him I’m strip like them dancers do/I’m a show them how to do it like them pamphlets do, show these girls how to do it, off campus, too/Yo, as long as you know he got the baddest, I’m flattered, I’m the only one that he answers to,” she raps.

Before passing the mic back to M5 frontman Adam Levine, the “Truffle Butter” MC switches it up and harmonizes a few lines.

“And if you need it then I’m a put it on ya, ain’t nothing sweeter, you want this sugar, don’t ya?/Up, down, inside, water park it, slip slide, woulda, shoulda, coulda got ya sugar, get ya sugar,” she sings.

In addition to Nicki’s lyrics, the track’s original production has been sped up and layered with a more uptempo bassline.