How To Live Your Most Dauntless Life Because You're Worth It

Basically, you need to give zero effs and be totally okay with heights.

If given the chance to participate in the Choosing Ceremony, we'd pour some (blood) out on the hot coals for Dauntless. Members of this "Divergent" faction are brave, fearless and tough AF. In other words, they are effing awesome.

The Dauntless look their greatest fears in the eye and tell them to GTFO, and that's pretty cool. Honestly, we think everyone could benefit from a little Dauntless training, so we here at MTV News have put together this super handy guide to living your most Dauntless life. (No moving trains necessary.)

  1. Wear only black.

    For Dauntless, this is the norm -- and in New York City, we call this Tuesday -- but for most people, a wardrobe void of color is kind of a downer. So snap out of it! If you want to be Dauntless, you need to invest in all black everything, from clothes to shoes. If you're still in desperate need of color, dye your hair a funky color. Red is most acceptable, but we think you'd get by with hot pink.

  2. Learn how to take a punch... or two.

    If you want to run with the Dauntless, you need to be able to take a punch or two... or three... or four. TL;DR: you have to be tough. If you lack the muscle mass to throw a KO-worthy punch (like Tris does in "Divergent"), then you have to play the defensive. Be quick on your feet, always go for the throat, and when all else fails, pick up a weapon.

  3. Get a tattoo.

    Tattoos and Dauntless go together like peanut butter and jelly. In fact, it's typical for Initiates to get tatted up during training. If you're like Tris, you tattoo your greatest fear on your body to remind yourself to never give in. Or if you're like Four, you can get every faction emblem inked on your back if you want to symbolically carry more than one attribute with you at all times. (You can be brave AND smart.) Or, you know, you can get a cat tattoo... or something. Basically, just be prepared to get tatted up.

  4. Be brave.

    Being Dauntless is all about taking risks and doing the things you never thought you could do. Tris jumped off a building (!!!) to prove she could hang. So the next time you find yourself saying the words "I can't," you better find a way to prove yourself wrong. If you can't, then you're just not Dauntless material.

  5. Face your fears head on.

    Dauntless believe that fear and cowardice are the reasons for society's problems, so don't expect them to hold your hand if you're scared of the dark. You need to face those fears and figure your s--t out. In fact, as Dauntless, you choose to be active instead of passive. This applies to a range of life situations, from relationships to friendships and career opportunities.

  6. Be okay with heights and speeding trains.

    There's a lot of jumping off buildings in Dauntless, so if you can't learn to quash your crippling fear of heights, then you wouldn't cut it in Dauntless. Between the constant train jumping, ziplining and leaping from buildings, you would be so screwed. (No, but actually, they would cut you from Dauntless and you would be Factionless and alone forever because life is totally not fair sometimes.)

  7. Don't trust smart people.

    They're probably trying to kill you. (Hey, we wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.)