Getty Images | Sean Gallup

Olly Murs' New Album Has ‘A Bit More Balls’

And he's never been better.

If you want a review of Olly Murs' latest album then look no further than its title: Never Been Better.

The British “X Factor” alum is back with his fourth LP, a perfectly polished pop album that shows off a much more mature and serious side, something that Olly had every intention of doing.

"I wanted the music to be better and more serious and people to not put that name on you that you're from the 'X Factor' or from a reality show, and I think I've stepped away from that, anyway," Olly recently told us. "I think it's almost like the start of my career with this album in a weird way."

The "Troublemaker" singer is also hoping that fans notice his lyrics have grown a bit more serious as well, as he was hoping to create songs that are much "less cheesy" than his previous efforts.

"I wanted it to be more serious in the sense of the lyrics and make it real, and less cheesy, I suppose, from what I had on the last couple of albums, which I'm happy to admit there's a few cheesy songs," he said. "But this one is just much better there's more punch to it, a bit more balls."

And to help him achieve that, Olly brought along some serious music star power in Ryan Tedder, who co-wrote and produced his latest single "Seasons," and Demi Lovato, with whom he collaborated on the song "Up."

"It's so hard when you come up with a duet or a collaboration because you want it to be a real partnership and Demi was just the perfect one. She ticks all the boxes: she's cool, she's fun, she's got a great voice," he said. "There's sort of a connection with the 'X Factor' there because she did the show, i think in this song, together it just felt perfect."