Andrew Zaeh

Exclusive: Get A Sneak Peek At Shawn Mendes' Life Of The Party' Video...In GIFs!

Shawn brings some famous Vine friends along for the ride.

A lot has happened for Shawn Mendes in the 9 months since he's released his single, "Life of The Party."

He's announced his debut album, Handwritten (April 28), he's going on tour with Taylor Swift and he's an MTV Artist to Watch. But one thing he didn't do? Release a music video for "Life Of The Party"...until now.

The singer is set to drop the much anticipated music video -- the second part of his Handwritten music video series -- on Tuesday, and promises his fans it will be well worth the wait.

"We took our time releasing a video for this song because we wanted it to be perfect," Shawn told MTV. "The video took multiple shoots over multiple months to get everyone in the same place to execute, and was at one point entirely re-shot to get right."

So what can we expect? Well, we have a sneak peek at the video to hold you over until take a look at Shawn Mendes' "Life Of The Party" in GIFs!

Setting The Mood

Streamers and essentials.

Shawn Brought Along Some Famous Vine Friends

Vine stars Nash Grier, Aaron Carpenter and Jack Johnson make a cameo, but where's the other Jack?

Here He Is

Can't have one Jack without the other, here's Jack Gilinsky also makes an appearance at the party.

Here's The Life Of The Party

Of course Shawn couldn't not show up to his own video.