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'The Walking Dead': 9 Big Moments We Don't Want To 'Forget'

It's like the world's most depressing fish-out-of-water comedy.

Well, good times are here to stay forever on "The Walking Dead." Rick's gang have holed up in the Alexandria Safe Zone, everyone has jobs (including Daryl, who is a professional cat), and nothing bad ever happened again. JK, it's "The Walking Dead," the show where happiness is punished with death and destruction.

Here are all the biggest moments on this week's (March 8) episode, "Forget:"

  1. Sasha's Got A Gun
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    The episode kicks off with Sasha heading out on her new job, prosciutto acquisition, by taking family photos from the house she's staying in, and then blasting them with her sweet, sweet gun. Between each blast, she looks around, checking for walkers... Except then when she finishes off the photos, she says, "Come and get me." It's taken a few episodes for us to get around to how she would react to both her boyfriend and brother getting killed, and now the answer is clear: lashing out at other families, and with a death wish. Yikes.

    And speaking of that death wish, Sasha offers -- nay, demands -- to man the lookout tower back at Alexandria. She wants to be left alone, she wants to shoot something, and she wants to do it naaaaaow.

  2. When Shall We Three Meet Again?

    Daryl, Carol and Rick -- just like the end of the last episode -- are the driving forces behind distrust in Alexandria... And no one is more devious than Carol, it seems. She empties a clip into a walker just so no one in Alexandria will suspect the trio weren't out planning rebellion instead of practicing their shooting. And she plays the housewives -- and "warriors" in the town -- like a fiddle. "You know what's great about this place? That I can be invisible again," she tells Rick. Carol: the silent killer.

  3. "W" Is For Walker
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    We've seen teases of this before, but never so blatantly on the show. After Carol kills a walker, Rick notices it has a "W" carved into its head. We're guessing it stands for "Winner." Or possibly indicates that something very, very bad is down the road.

  4. The Black Stallion
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    Unable to tame a wild horse because this is clearly our fan-fiction and not a real episode of "The Walking Dead," Daryl instead gets a ton of walkers to attack... And Aaron proves his worth. Go Aaron, but we're sad they cut the scene where Daryl whips off his shirt and rides the horse through the surf on the beach. Ah well.

    Oh yeah, and then later the stallion gets eaten by zombies, just like in our fan-fiction! We write really weird fan-fiction.

  5. Party At Deannas
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    Okay, how freaking weird was it to see everyone on the show dressed up, clean, and at a party? Rick's group was clearly uncomfortable, too... And we felt that discomfort watching. It was bizarre, and as Rick's group tries to adjust, we realize that drinking from solo cups and chatting about anything other than how the world has changed seems wrong. The whole thing, in a way, feels like play-acting.

    And that's the crux of it, isn't it? Unlike Terminus or Woodbury, there's nothing wrong with Alexandria... And that's exactly what's wrong with the place. They're holding on to the pre-plague mentality, and that makes them weak. It might work for everyone inside the walls, but they are drastically, inadequately unprepared for everything outside the walls. Including whatever "W" means, and a certain person who starts with an "N" who we expect to show up before the season's end.

  6. The Scarlet "A"
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    At the party, Rick's potential love interest Jessie's son stamps Rick's hand with a red letter "A" for "Alexandria," saying that means he's now one of them. But ALSO, he's thinking about having the sex with Jessie (I mean come on, obviously) who is married so that "A" also stands for "Adultery," just like in the American classic "Easy A."

    But yeah, seriously, he goes ahead and kisses Jessie on the cheek, the most sexual thing a man can do to a woman. Which given her husband's already frosty demeanor isn't going to end well.

  7. Daryl Gets A Brand New Job
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    ...And a sweet motorbike, but in probably the most touching scene we've encountered on the show in a good long while, Aaron convinces Daryl over a spaghetti dinner to be Alexandria's new recruiter. "I know it's hard getting used to people," Aaron tells him, adding that the reason he wants Daryl on board is that, "You do know the difference between a good person and a bad person."

    And he does! This is like when Leslie Knope would buy the perfect gift for someone on "Parks and Recreation," which makes Aaron, Leslie, and Daryl, Ron Swanson and OH MY GOD even more of our fan-fiction is coming true.

    Anyway, it was super-cute... And those of you who have been pushing the whole "Daryl is gay" angle despite the fact that Robert Kirkman has nixed the idea aren't going to be dissuaded by Aaron and Daryl's budding bromance.

  8. Carol's Cookies

    How far has Carol come, in fact? She's gone from abused mom, to repentant child killer, to straight-up threatener of children. When Jessie's son finds out that Carol is sneaking guns out instead of making cookies, Carol very directly and rather casually explains that if he ever says anything to his parents, one day he'll wake up outside the Alexandria walls tied to a tree until he's eaten by walkers. Or she can make him a plate of cookies.

    Given the ice-cold way Carol explains that? Yeah, we'd choose the cookies, too.

  9. Splinter Cell

    By episode's end, things aren't as clear-cut as they were at the beginning. Daryl is trying to be part of the community. Michonne has hung up her katana. And a telling shot has Carol, Rick and Daryl walking off in three different directions... The parallel of last episode's end. Rick, though, isn't so sure... He spends the episode's final moments listening to a walker on the other side of the Alexandria wall. Is everything as safe as the Alexandrians think? (Answer: nope. Leslie Knope.)