This Adorable Australian Marsupial Has Totally Nailed The Selfie Game

#QuokkaSelfie, all day.

There's a new selfie trend sweeping the Internet, and it involves the happiest little marsupial to grace the planet. Tourists are flocking to Australia's Rottnest Island to hang with its native quokkas – furry, smiling bundles of cute that really know how to mug for the camera.

And it gets even more adorable: these little vegetarians are related to kangaroos, so they hop around just like them. Can you even imagine encountering one of these little guys IRL? BE STILL OUR HEARTS.

We are completely obsessed with their faces and can't stop searching the #QuokkaSelfie hashtag on Instagram. They look so wise, like hairy little buddhas.

National Geographic reports that there are only about 14,000 quokkas left in the wild – 12,000 of which reside on Rottnest Island – and they're considered vulnerable for extinction because of habitat destruction. Hopefully their newfound fame will help conservation efforts.

Kickstarter to relocate the MTV News offices to Rottnest Island, anyone?