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Why Did Ed Sheeran Give Away His Grammy Wardrobe?

Yet another reason to love him.

We already know Ed Sheeran is the coolest guy ever, but now we have proof that he's also the nicest. The "Thinking Out Loud" singer recently donated his Grammy wardrobe to charity.

According to The Mirror, Sheeran's mom Imogen brought eight items of her son's Grammy night gear from the U.S. to England, where they were given to the St. Elizabeth Hospice charity shop in Sheeran's hometown of Framlingham, Suffolk.

This isn't the first time Sheeran has helped out his community hospice -- last February he donated eight bags of clothing, which raised more than £4,000 (that's over $6,000) for the organization.

Hats off to you, Ed! No no, not literally -- unless you want to give that away, too!