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Kanye West Fans Are Spending Insane Amounts Of Money For... Air?

This brings a new meaning to Air Yeezy.

How much would you pay for a bag of air? Not much? Well, how much would you pay for a bag filled with literal air from one of Kanye West’s Yeezus tour shows?

If you’re down to spend dough on some Yeezy air, you’re not alone. Several eBay users are selling bags filled with air (allegedly) from a Kanye show for tons of money.

One user has a bag up for $5,000. While that item doesn’t have any bids, another listing has 14 bids and it’s currently going for $305. The item description says the bag “possibly contains Kanye’s breath,” if you can believe that.

That's not all. According to Daily Mail, another bag was selling for $65,000 on eBay before it was removed from the site.

If you’re surprised by this air news, Kim Kardashian isn’t. Kim K celebrated her husband with a tweet that shows how proud she is of his influence.

Kanye’s not selling these bags, but he is selling some clothes as part of his Adidas partnership, and those prices are also eye-opening.

Looks like Kanye’s name can sell Air Yeezys and, in some cases, even literal air.