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Have You Noticed Kanye West Can't Stop Wearing These Same 5 Sweatshirts?

UPDATE (3/9/15, 10:01 a.m. ET): Since publishing this story, Kanye has worn the black velvet crewneck sweatshirt and maroon hoodie at Paris Fashion Week yet again, bringing their appearances to six and seven, respectively. He just can't get enough of them, apparently.

On any given day during, let's say, Paris Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian changes her outfit upwards on three times. Her husband, on the other hand, has recently made a habit of wearing the same sweatshirts—sometimes the same entire outfit—on repeat.

In a world where it seems like frequently photographed celebrities have entirely new outfits every single day, it's pretty refreshing—IMHO—to see someone who is as into fashion as Kanye West is wear the same thing over and over and over again. Kanye, he's just like us! (JK, there's no way, but you know what I mean.)

Throughout the past few months, Kanye has made it very apparent that sweatshirts are the new staples in his closet—he wears them to events, in his downtime, while traveling, and while performing. There are five that he seems to be particularly fond of—here's a closer look at them.

  • Black Vetements Hoodie
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    While at PFW, Kanye picked up this sweatshirt by French design collective Vetements immediately after seeing it presented. He wore it the next day to the Lanvin show and again the following day to realize his full goth potential alongside Lorde at Dior.

  • Black Adidas Hoodie
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    On four separate occasions—all while traveling or hanging out in New York—Kanye has worn this black Adidas sweatshirt. While it does not appear to be from his collaboration with the brand—he first wore it in December—he obviously likes to rep Adidas when he can.

  • Black Velvet Crewneck
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    This black velvet sweatshirt appears to have launched Kanye's new uniform—he first wore it in September. He has worn it to two fashion shows— Dries van Noten in the fall and Balmain last week—and accessorizes in a variety of ways, including with a scarf and thin gold chain (which, BTW, reads "Nori").

  • Gray Crewneck
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    This gray sweatshirt appears to be Ye's preferred suiting for speaking on the phone. JK, it's preferred for, like, everything—from walking around Soho to watching a Lakers game. Ye hasn't worn it since December, though, so it may be out of rotation—we're keeping our eyes out.

  • Maroon Velvet Hoodie
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    And, finally, the king of all sweatshirts in Kanye's current closet: this velvet hoodie. Kanye first wore this sweatshirt to perform at the Grammys, then wore it to travel the following day, and has barely taken it off since. Most recently it's gotten some play at PFW, though it also made a few appearances at NYFW. Where will it pop up next? Only time will tell.