This Goat Dressed As Elsa Just Can't Let It Goat

Well that explains this neverending winter, at least.

For months, we've been freezing our butts off, wondering if this winter would ever end.

"Why is this happening to us?" we thought.

"What could possibly cause it to snow, and sleet and freeze like this?" we thought.

"What could cause the snow to glow white on the mountain tonight, with not a footprint to be seen?" we thought.

And then it hit us: it has to be because of Elsa. That's right, the magical queen of Arendelle from "Frozen" must be behind this neverending winter!

Turns out, we weren't that far off, it was actually a goat dressed as Elsa. So.

Okay for real though, guys, it's a goat named Peppa Lass who dressed as Elsa from "Frozen," not the real Elsa. As we all know, she's gotten control of her powers. At least until "Frozen Fever" hits theaters on March 13, that is.

Meanwhile, we'll anxiously await for the follow-up, "Do You Want To Build A Snow-meeeeeeeeh."