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Rihanna Continues Global Domination With Two Covers For 'Harper's Bazaar' China

Rihanna’s quest to take over the cover of every magazine on newsstands continues, now with dual covers for Harper's Bazaar China.

While RiRi's recent Harper's Bazaar U.S. shoot was heavy on the sharks, the two April 2015 covers that surfaced this morning are heavy on the florals, which has us 100% ready for spring. Please spring, come NOW.

The first cover, shot by Chen Man, features Rih in all floral everything, from her headpiece to dress. Even with half of her face obstructed, Rih's bright red lips are envy-inducing. Even though our girl has had bangs before, this appears to be a new styling—sleek, skinny, and down the middle of her forehead.

The second cover is more ethereal with Rihanna's full face showing, thankfully. While her makeup is largely the same, the sliver of bangs are gone, as is the floral headpiece. Badgal appears to wear a dress and jacket with sheer sleeves on top. (Maybe it's a raincoat? April showers do bring May flowers, as I'm sure you know).

While there's no other info out about the issue—yet!—we'll be keeping our eyes peeled. Our shrine to Rihanna gets bigger by every magazine release, and we are not mad at that, TBH.