How Many Records Can MTV Break In A Single Week?

'Break The Record' will include a Beyoncé-thon, #EpicWinDay and many, many meows...

Feeling unremarkable? Tired of being a simple cog in the man's bland machine? Welp, MTV's got a master plan to turn your zero into a hero, and it could very well be one for the books...

Beginning tonight at 11 p.m., the network will attempt rewrite the pages of history through the first-ever “Break the Record Week,” a five-day, no-holds-barred attempt to stand among Guinness World Records (hopefully more than once!). Nick Jonas, Snooki and even Grumpy Cat will lend their support for endeavors like longest dance party and most meows in a minute (yes, seriously!), and if we're still standing by Friday afternoon, it'll be nothing short of a miracle. Plus, through the wonders of social media, you can be part of the fun too by using hashtags that will cater to each stunt.

"Our fans are dreamers, believers -- often insanely driven, sometimes just insane -- and they love nothing more than to rally around a cause and do something bigger and better than they’ve ever done before,” said Stephen Friedman, President of MTV, of the huge undertaking. “’Break the Record Week’ is about unleashing our fans’ love of accomplishments both amazing and absurd."

So, ready to prove just how amazing and absurd you are? Check out the full agenda of record-breaking greatness below, get ready to shake your booty this evening and keep up with for updates on how "Break the Record Week" progresses!

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Monday-Tuesday: Beyoncé-thon

So, you've danced to Beyoncé through the night, but could you keep it going for a full 24 hours? Starting tonight at 11 p.m., we're throwing a Queen Bee-specific dance party outside of MTV HQ that will feature the likes of YouTube star Todrick Hall, who will host the event, and Nick Lachey and Michelle Buteau of "Big Morning Buzz Live." We're ready to break the "Longest Dance Marathon Relay" record...the question is: Are you ready to join us?

Wednesday: #MostMeowsInAMinute

If you thought the Meow Mix theme song featured a lot of feline greetings, you ain't seen nothin' yet. On March 11, with the help of on-air co-hosts Grumpy Cat and "The Vampire Diaries" star Kat Graham, MTV will challenge cats and people alike to meow as many times as they possibly can in a single minute -- plus, social media fans can contribute their best tries with the hashtag #MostMeowsInAMinute. Ne-Yo, Nick Jonas and Snooki will all put forth their best efforts to get things going, and the winning video will be featured on MTV at 11 p.m.

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Thursday: #EpicWin Day

If cats ain't your bag and your legs are too sore to hang with Bey, Thursday's proceedings will invite audiences to attempt to break any record they please and share the results via social media with the hashtag #EpicWin. MTV will share submissions on-air through MTV social media and across, and the day will conclude with MTV's cup-stacking special "Epic Win" which will hit airwaves at 11 p.m. Plus, guest "Catfish" host Charlamagne Tha God and "Challenge" standouts Johnny Bananas and Jordan Wiseley will be on hand to encourage you and each other to reach for the stars.

Friday: #2025TimeCapsule

A story's only as good as its final page, and on March 13, we're angling to snatch the title of "Most Contributors to a Time Capsule in 24 Hours" with the help of host Zuri Hall. MTV asks that fans submit their hopes for humankind in the year 2025 with the hashtag #2025TimeCapsule until 11 p.m., at which point contributions will be made into hard copies and buried under MTV HQ, where they'll be unearthed a decade later. Plus, MTV will honor some of the best submissions from the entire week on-air and on social media until midnight.