Uh-Oh, 'Arrow' Is Bringing In Special Equipment For An Upcoming Episode

Protect the booty.

Things are getting serious behind the scenes on the "Arrow" set.

The cast and crew is currently filming the last few episodes of Season 3, which has already featured its fair share of pulse-pounding fight sequences for its heroes. But a tweet from star Stephen Amell suggests that the hits are gonna keep coming, with some serious action happening in the lead-up to the finale.

What kind of action? The kind that requires special equipment, designed to protect certain body parts.

That's one big box of butt pads.

Amell presented this pic without comment (except to reveal that it has something to do with the show's 66th episode, "The Fallen," which will probably air in April.) But one might reasonably infer that someone on "Arrow" is going to get their ass kicked, literally, when the show comes back from hiatus.