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Everyone Will Feel Awkward Equally At This High School’s Communism-Themed Prom

Not all students are down with "Prom-munism."

In a move that is sure to ruffle feathers with the PTA, high school students in Albuquerque have voted for their prom to be communism-themed, reports KRQE News 13.

The seniors at Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School have (ironically?) selected the theme through democratic means, with "prom-munism" getting the most votes. Not all the students support the idea, though, with several speaking to local reporters about what they think is an ill-conceived theme.

Sam Obenshain, executive director at Cottonwood, will talk to the students about it next week to see if this is just a politically charged play on words or if they have some real ideas in mind.

“Our students are in the International Baccalaureate program, so they are very academically focused,” Obenshain told KRQE. "One of the classes they enjoy the most is a world history class."

Under prom-munism, maybe the seniors will banish the prom king-queen tradition and instead select a prom politburo, to get more people involved? Or perhaps they just want to pool resources so they can get a bulk discount on dresses and tuxes (all red, of course)? What if everyone dances with everyone and nobody goes with dates, relieving all the stress of rejection? Or, they could just be plotting a prom-letariat takeover of the student government.

Whatever the students' goals are, public outrage would likely put the school in a tight spot, but Obenshain isn't quashing the idea immediately. "We want to make sure we honor the students’ voices, but at the same time we use this as a learning experience for them," he said.

One thing they'll surely learn on prom night: Twerking is the opiate of the masses.