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Justin Bobby Says The First 'Hills' Scene He Filmed Never Made It To Air

Yup, there was more to the story before 'Justin Bobby took your ticket.'

A good hair day might get you a compliment in passing, but a great hair day will earn you a years-long appearance on a hit MTV reality show.

Justin "Bobby" Brescia, who famously served as Audrina Patridge's contentious love interest on "The Hills," was a hit with fans from the moment that Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth asked about his unorthodox nickname. But in an interview with US Weekly, Brescia says that wasn't actually the first scene he filmed.

Evidently, before "Justin Bobby took your ticket" was ever uttered (you can see the infamous quote in the clip below), Patridge had requested that Brescia -- who was a professional hair-cutter -- give her a new 'do in her apartment.

"I went and did my first cut and they filmed it, but it didn’t go in the storyline," Brescia said. Still, it was enough for him to keep shooting, and soon, he and Patridge were attached at the hip. And while the show's validity has often been called into question, Brescia asserted that his connection with Patridge was real, though he added they no longer speak.

"There was a genuine loving friendship with me and Audrina," he recalled. "She’s such a sweetheart, and I picked up on that from the very beginning. I was always a friend to her from the get-go and there for her as a friend. We went through the things together."

"I felt like a stronger partner on the side who was like a teammate, who was like ‘Hey you got this! You can do this. This is good,’" he added. "That was real, that was awesome."

Whaddya think of JB's words? Check out the full interview for more on his chain of salons, and why he's decided to pursue a new passion: music!