Chris Hemsworth And Hugh Jackman Playing 'Musical Beers' Is A Hot, Wig-Wearing Mess

Nobody knows how to play this game.

"Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon loves to play games with his guests -- games which sometimes turn into fierce, cutthroat competitions with clear rules and definitive outcomes, and which sometimes devolve into hot, hilarious messes that make absolutely no sense.

This one, from Hugh Jackman's appearance Thursday (March 5) to promote "CHAPPiE," is the latter.

The game is "musical beers," a booze-centric version of musical chairs, for which Fallon and Jackman were joined onstage by several SNL cast members and this week's host, Chris Hemsworth. And how does it work?

...I have no idea. And neither did anyone playing, clearly, and it also doesn't help that Questlove (who was in charge of starting and stopping the music) has apparently never played musical chairs before.

So, basically, the video below is just four minutes of six celebrities running in confused circles around a table, yelling at each other and drinking. But that doesn't mean it's not fun! Also, mullet wigs are involved.