Chrisopher Lee Sauvé

A Chat With Christopher Lee Sauvé: The Man Behind The Greatest Shirt Miley Cyrus Has Ever Worn

Earlier this week, Miley Cyrus revealed her status as a national hero by sharing a photo of herself in a Karl Lagerfeld t-shirt. Not, like, a t-shirt designed by Karl Lagerfeld—no, one with an old photo of Karl enjoying both a hamburger and milkshake on it.

We had a chance to chat with Christopher Lee Sauvé, the designer behind the shirt, and the man we have to thank for bringing the above image of Miley into our lives. Unsurprisingly, Christopher's other designs are equally as amusing and totally necessary additions to any closet.

Here's what he had to say about picking who to portray on shirts, how Miley got her hands on a shirt and more.

MTV: Is it t-shirts you design, primarily?

Christopher Lee Sauvé: Yes, I love t-shirts because they are the original punk uniform. To me, they are a walking form of art, where I can provoke, excite and piss off people!

MTV: How do you pick who to depict on them?

Sauvé: I am obsessed with icons, people who have a look and are almost human cartoons.

Chrisopher Lee Sauvé

MTV: Can you explain the process of creating the shirts?

Sauvé: I create a theme, then research for months to form a certain "world" that captures the statements I want to make graphically. For example, the Madmaus and Pop Cult Club collection I showed at New York Fashion Week.

Chrisopher Lee Sauvé

MTV: Do you have a favorite? Why is it your fave?

Sauvé: The CLS Signature Pattern! I created the pattern with old punk rock flyers and changed them with my own statements.

Chrisopher Lee Sauvé

MTV: Where did you find that photo of Karl eating the Big Mac? And did you immediately know it’d make a perfect t-shirt?

Sauvé: My friend Robyn actually sent it to me from an old magazine she scanned and instantly I thought “F--k You, I'm Lagerfeld," because he is OWNING that hamburger and shake!

Chrisopher Lee Sauvé

MTV: Did you know Miley Cyrus owned that shirt? What was your reaction when you found out?

Sauvé: Miley is a friend of mine, I was introduced to her through stylist Patricia Field (who sells my t-shirts in her store on the Bowery). I instantly fell in love with her, she has incredible artistic talent and her energy is phenomenal.

MTV: Any upcoming t-shirt designs you can tease for us?

Sauvé: YES! I am currently working on my next collection for New York Fashion Week. Right now, artist John Gage Lazare and I are frantically putting everything together!