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Travis Barker Wishes Tom DeLonge Would 'Man Up And Quit' Blink-182

Barker had some brutally honest words for estranged member DeLonge in a new interview.

Sorry, guys, but The Great Blink-182 Saga of 2015 is apparently far from over.

To refresh your memory, Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus caused a storm of confusion in January when they declared Tom DeLonge was no longer a part of the band. However, DeLonge — in between being abducted by aliens or whatever that shiz was about — insisted he was definitely still in Blink, but also pursuing other projects (he had previously announced a solo album, To the Stars… Demos, Odds, and Ends).

But in a candid new interview with Alternative Nation, Barker had some not-so-flattering things to say about their estranged guitarist. The drummer insisted there’s “no bad blood” but also expressed how much he wishes DeLonge would leave the band once and for all.

"I think the right thing for him to do would [be to] just man up and quit the band instead of telling people he didn't quit and just be real with the fans,” Barker said. “I think that would give him some closure too and really do what he’s passionate about.”

It may come as a shock to Blink fans, but Barker revealed this is actually the third time DeLonge has quit the band, but they never previously announced it. This time, Barker said, it’s “the last straw.”

“It comes to a point where you decide you're not going to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do and it's time to move on,” Barker said, adding that he doesn’t think Blink’s style even suits DeLonge anymore. "I love playing, listening and everything about punk rock. It changed my life. I think for Tom, he doesn't like punk music and it was a phase for him."

Instead, Barker and Hoppus have recruited Alkaline Trio guitarist Matt Skiba to take DeLonge’s place for their next gig, at Musink Festival in Orange County, CA later this month.

Until then, we’ll be nervously waiting to see where this crazy-confusing saga goes next. As much as we love DeLonge for being a formidable force in our pop-punk upbringing, Barker does bring some valid points to the table. Here’s to hoping they get it all worked out soon!

And now, a video of three favorite boys in better times. Sigh.