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Pee On The Walls Of Hamburg And They'll Pee Back

A warning to anyone urinating in public.

St.Pauli, Hamburg is Germany's red light district with over 20 million tourist every year and the city's residents have had enough of these party-goers peeing on their walls. You know what we're talking about, we've all known that one guy who drinks a little much and can't hold his bladder so he decides to unload publicly... so classy.

The city has invested in pee-repellent paint, or as science people would term, hydrophobic paint. That means any pee being projected at the wall will bounce right back off and land on your nice pair of shoes.

Some of these walls have signs that read, "Don't pee here! We'll pee back," but that doesn't mean that every one with the special paint does. So, do yourself a favor and find a bathroom instead.

The residents are very pleased with the newly treated walls and hoping things start smelling better soon. Check out the video of these amazing walls below: