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Rihanna Takes Us 'Higher' With 30-Second Preview Of New Track: Listen

We're 100% Rih-dy for R8.

Today, March 5, will go down in history as the day we got not one, not two, but three brand-new musical teases from Rihanna. First, we got our hands on an exclusive clip from "Dancing in the Dark," which is featured in the upcoming DreamWorks animated flick "Home." And then Rih dropped two previews of a new song off of the hotly anticipated R8 on Instagram.

We need some time to breathe, Rih, please slow down! JK, never slow down.

Both previews are of the same song, which appears to be called "Higher." Over spare production, a gravelly-voiced Rihanna sings about whiskey and calling someone too late.

The accompaniment is string-heavy, orchestral-sounding and very jazzy. And we are into it, obviously.

Please, Rih, after listening to all of your teasers -- and "FourFiveSeconds" on repeat -- we only have one thing to say: We're ready RIHdy.