Presenting 'Catching Fire': 'Broke A$$ Game Show' Edition

On the MTV laughfest, random folk won cash for snagging random items.

Grasping a flying fish at the famous Pike Place Market in Seattle won't score you any cash -- but it's an entirely different story if you encounter David Magidoff and Derek Gaines hurling some seafood in your direction.

On tonight's episode of "Broke A$$ Game Show," the funny guys -- armed with a grocery cart filled with random crap -- took to the Big Apple streets to play "Catching Fire" with a bunch of unsuspecting pedestrians. The objective was simple: The duo quickly lobbed a bunch of oddly shaped items -- pineapple, a big bouncing ball, a bouquet and a raw chicken, to name a few -- to random people, and every object successfully reeled in was worth $10. And CATCH! CATCH! CATCH!

Props (no pun intended) to the shocked dude who asked if the moolah was real.

See the madness ensue below, and keep watching “Broke A$$ Game Show” every Thursday at 11/10c!