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Justin Bieber Clears Up Those Photoshop Rumors

You listening, 'fools?'

When Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein ads came out, there was a lot of controversy surrounding them—were certain parts, um, augmented? While we maintained that they didn't seem Photoshopped to us—y'know, JB experts—others remained skeptical. While Bieber lightly weighed in on the controversy via Instagram, he never addressed it head on—until now.

In a behind-the-scenes video from his new—and very shirtless—Men's Health spread, Bieber explains, "I got in shape the past two years and I'm finally getting recognition for it. It's not Photoshopped for all you fools out there saying it's Photoshopped." Boom. You hear that, fools?

If you're interested in seeing more shirtless and equally muscular photos of JB, head over to Men's Health, where he shows off his buff bod. If you need us, that's where we'll be.