Colin Gray/MTV

Even If You're Not A Rap Fan, Bun B's Free Online Course Is For You

With the Religion and Hip-Hop Culture online course, it's time to go to school.

Not a hip-hop head? Not religious? Don't worry: Religion and Hip-Hop Culture is a course that still might be for you.

"The hardcore fans of hip-hop are probably the minority in this class," Bun B, who teaches the course at Rice University alongside Dr. Anthony B. Pinn, told MTV News.

"But they're all curious -- that's the common point," Pinn explained of the demographics of the classroom, which counts its' students as kids from a variety of majors and backgrounds.

And now, the range of people taking that class is about to get a whole lot wider. After two decades of Pinn teaching the class inside the classroom, and the last few years teaching alongside Bun, on Mar. 24, they're bringing it online. The course will be launching online through edX, where anyone can enroll for free.

"What we're finding with the online course, so far, is the same kind of curiosity that cuts across generations," Pinn added. "So we have 108 countries represented, and an age range right now that moves from 12 to 90."

The Trill OG was similarly excited about the increased reach of the class -- which explores hip-hop, religion, their histories and intersection.

"You and anyone you know with a computer and an Internet connection can take this course," he said. "You don't have to be a college student; you don't have to be in Texas. Again, anyone in the world has the opportunity to take this course. It's a free course, so you don't have to pay anything, as well, so, really, you have no reason to not take this course."

He's right. No excuses. I'm gonna sign up. What about you?