That Awkward Moment When You Realize Hugh Jackman Is A Robot Racist

The 'CHAPPiE' star admits the shameful truth.

with additional reporting by Josh Horowitz

Don't worry, Hugh Jackman: Admitting that you're a giant racist against robots is the first step toward healing that deep, dark, well of robo-hate inside your withered heart.

Jackman, the human star of "CHAPPiE," revealed his anti-robot sentiments in an interview with MTV News, when he admitted that yes, he has certain traits in common with his onscreen person.

"In this movie, definitely," Jackman said, when asked if he was a robot racist. "In life? ...Alright, alright. But I'm getting help for it!"

In all fairness, it's really not Hugh Jackman's fault; he's been at the center of robot-related dramas so many times over the course of his career, he was bound to take a few unsavory biases home with him.

But now that he's acknowledged the problem, he can begin the beautiful journey toward a more tolerant state of peaceful coexistence with robots. Maybe start by getting a robot vacuum cleaner? They're nice and non-threatening! Except on the rare occasions when they try to eat your head.