Watch Real-Life Ron Burgundy Compare His Colleague To A McDonald’s Character

See the local news flub that was so good Kevin Hart posted about it.

It's never a good idea to insult someone's outfit, especially not your colleague on live television. But that's exactly what Tim Ezell of Fox 2 St. Louis did on Tuesday -- it was his birthday, so perhaps he was feeling extra brazen and bulletproof? Here's the video:

Ezell tosses to his co-anchor April Simpson by making a Hamburglar joke about her black-and-white striped shirt. Simpson at first looks at him with stony silence and an icy death stare ... before playing it off like a pro, saying she'll get him later.

The video got a boost thanks to a Facebook post from Kevin Hart, and Simpson is soaking up her viral moment.

The network itself posted the video to its YouTube channel, so it looks like no harm, no foul. But we can't wait to see what Simpson cooks up as payback.