Kelly Clarkson Tops Our List Of Awesome Ladies Who Refuse To Be Body-Shamed

When complete cluelessness is the best revenge.

Kelly Clarkson, who is a gentleman and a scholar and a goddess all at the same time, gives exactly zero you-know-whats about what you think of her body.

Here's the deal: After Kelly made an appearance on British TV's "The Graham Norton Show," Katie Hopkins, a columnist from the Sun, took to Twitter to make repeated, vicious comments about the singer's figure.

Among her tweets: "Jesus, what happened to Kelly Clarkson? Did she eat all of her backing singers? Happily I have wide-screen."


In an interview with Heat magazine, Kelly was asked if she had anything to say about Hopkins' remarks. And Kelly's response?

"I don't have a clue what you're talking about. Someone tweeted something about me?"

BOOM. That's right, y'all: Kelly Clarkson isn't sitting at her computer, crying about that mean thing some jerk said about her on the internet. She's too busy, y'know, being Kelly Clarkson.

Even better, when her interviewer clued her in to what Hopkins had said, Kelly just sounded mystified and amused.

"Oh, and she's tweeted something nasty about me?" she said. "That's because she doesn't know me. I'm awesome! It doesn't bother me. It's a free world. Say what you will."

Kelly Clarkson, you're our hero. And best of all, the singer is just the latest entry on a growing list of people, famous and non-, who are taking no shizz from body-shamers, thank you very much. Below, we've rounded up four more of our favorite body-positive moments from women who refused to let the turkeys get them down.

  1. When Megan Tonjes called out #FatShamingWeek participants for being human garbage.

    When a group of bullies on Twitter started a campaign to publicly shame people for having bigger bodies, YouTuber Megan Tonjes had something phenomenal to say in response.

  2. When Ariana Grande schooled an Instagram troll on basic body manners.
    Instagram via Hot 97

    Moral of this story: If you say something nasty about Ariana's ass, prepare for her to hand you yours.

  3. When Carleigh O'Connell was picture perfect.
    via Huffington Post

    After someone spray-painted the words "Carleigh's ass" on a big concrete block at the beach, 14 year-old Carleigh posed proudly next to the graffiti in a pic that was worth a thousand words. (And all 1,000 of those words were "Suck it, haters.")

  4. When Lorde issued a smackdown on behalf of her bestie.
    Twitter/ @lordemusic

    And from the "fighting fire with fire" file: Let's never forget that when Diplo said something snarky about Taylor Swift's behind, Taylor's BFF Lorde had her back -- and a choice comeback about the size of one of Diplo's own body parts.