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An Extremely Shirtless Justin Bieber Talks Love In Men's Health

'I'm very much a relationship guy,' he says.

Justin Bieber's latest stop on the JB Reinvention Tour has taken him to Men's Health, where he talks workout regimens, growing up in the spotlight, relationships, and more in the mag's April 2015 cover story.

Speaking of that cover, behold.

Take as much time as you need. No rush.

All good? Cool. So, despite Justin's bachelor status at the moment, he told Men's Health (via Just Jared): "I'm very much a relationship kind of guy. I like to bounce ideas off the person that I love. I like having a real connection."

Being the "most elegant princess in the world" is optional, I guess.

“I had to grow up so quick," the singer, who just turned 21 over the weekend, added. "And it was almost like I grew up for the public but I didn’t necessarily grow up."

That's actually a pretty mature thing to realize. Officially here for this new introspective, ab-having Bieber.

The April 2015 issue of Men's Health goes live online Mar. 10 and hits newsstands Mar. 17. In the meantime, have fun staring at these 10 unretouched photos of his bawwwwwwwwwwwd from the cover shoot.