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Tinashe Is The Last Woman On Earth In Her New Video

Watch 'Bated Breath' below.

Tinashe finds herself stranded and alone in her new extended video for "Bated Breath," searching for someone or something in a vast desert expanse before finally breaking down.

With the army fatigues and aviator goggles, the 22-year-old singer-songwriter looks like she's been dropped out of the sky via parachute. She's on a mission that she's determined to complete, but, much like the love described in the Aquarius track's lyrics, it's a mission in vain.

On a completely unrelated note, I kept hearing the words "Last Woman On Earth!" playing in my head while watching the Stephen Garnett-directed clip. Maybe it's because I just watched Will Forte's new Fox show, "The Last Man On Earth," last night. Is it too late to retool that show around Tinashe? Just throwing it out there.