These Classic Moves Now Make You Look Like A Total Creep

Acting like a gentleman is not what it used to be.

Back in the day, societal norms made it easy for guys to act like a gentleman towards a proper lady. They had to bow, kiss a hand, compliment her appearance, take charge and then, in general, tell her what to do. Gals would just eat that up! Or at least pretend to.

Thankfully, women's liberation and cultural integration have changed what us ladies HAVE to like. The problem is, there is no longer one set of rules for men. Things that used to seem romantic, now seem creepy...or outright offensive.

For example, the hand kiss upon meeting:

Or having us step on your jacket in a mud puddle ... we don't want you to be filthy for the rest of the date:

Watch this video for more handy tips on what to avoid:

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