This Amazing Wearable Device Can Predict When You Need To Poop

Holy s--t.

Before you even have to ask: No, this isn't a joke. A San Francisco startup created a device that you can wear on your belly to let you know you need to go, and honestly, it could be life-changing.

D Free

Mashable tipped us off to the gadget, called D Free, which was actually created for people with disabilities who require ample time to make it to the bathroom or with medical issues like incontinence. Basically, the D Free is a tiny device that, when attached to a person's stomach, can notify the wearer—or his/her caretaker—when they need to go to the bathroom via the connected iPhone app.

D Free

This is huge deal for those working in nursing homes, taking care of the elderly and those who need ample time to make it to the toilet. According to RocketNews24, the sensors in the device "detect any movement or swelling in your intestines," which then sends a 10-minute warning notification to your smartphone that you should probably find a toilet. The app also records the wearer's bowel movements to learn daily habits and better predict more accurate notifications in the future. Pretty genius, huh?

The startup hopes to fund the device through sites like Indiegogo, but there is no exact launch date for the campaign just yet. In the meantime, check out their video to get more info about this amazing poop predictor.