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Here's How To Get A Second Date, According To 'NEXT'

It helps if you're really effing hot.

Getting a second date isn't always easy. There are a lot of factors that come into play: physical attraction, chemistry, similar interests, etc. And you can't always predict if -- and when -- things are going to go awry. Just ask the contestants on MTV's "Next."

If a thirsty bachelor or bachelorette wasn't picking up what they were putting down, the single hopefuls were told "next" and sent back to the bus. In the end, only one guy or gal got the coveted second date. So what can we learn from their triumphs? Here are a few tips for landing that second date, according to "Next."

  1. Be really effing hot.

    Okay, so maybe that's a little extreme, but physical attraction is usually an important factor when contemplating that second date. And if we learned anything from "Next," it's that if the physical chemistry isn't there, you should probably say "next" before anyone's feelings get hurt.

  2. Don't be too cocky.

    Arrogance never looks good on a first date. Yes, first dates can feel a little like a job interview, but it can be really off-putting when your date controls the conversation with his/her superiority complex. So if you're looking for a relationship, check your attitude at the door -- or your date will have no problem saying "next."

  3. Be open to new things.

    "Next" hopefuls usually got the boot if they're weren't down with their date's idea of a fun time. Whether it's a pottery class or trip to the bowling alley, you should be willing to try new things -- even if you think it's lame. Your date will appreciate it after going through the trouble of planning everything. That being said, you should never agree to something that makes you uncomfortable, so don't be afraid to say "no" when your date suggests bikini-clad mud baths.

  4. Don't try to be someone you're not.

    First dates are all about exploring each other's general interests. And you're probably already pretty awesome. So don't pretend to watch "Mad Men" if you've never even seen an episode. Lies like that will definitely catch up with you later. Besides, if someone says "next" because you don't like a TV show or a particular genre of music, then maybe that person wasn't for you in the first place.

  5. Do have a backup plan.

    Hey, if things don't work out with your date, there's plenty of other fish in the sea -- like the person sitting next to you, maybe.