It's Legitimately Freaky How Much This 16 Year-Old Looks Like Benedict Cumberbatch

One teenager has discovered that it's a pretty good time to look exactly like the "Sherlock" actor.

"This thing looks like that thing" isn't usually a newsworthy statement, but when "that thing" is Benedict Cumberbatch, exceptions must be made.

The prolific, talented, and peculiarly handsome Cumberbatch (or maybe it's more like "handsomely peculiar") has an eerie doppleganger in Tyler Michell, a 16 year-old boy from the UK. How much does Michell look like the "Sherlock" actor?

Um, you tell us.

And since Tyler has an Instagram, there's more where that came from.

Much more.

Yeah, I mean, there's certainly a resembl--


Although Tyler told the Daily Mail that he doesn't really see the resemblance between himself and Cumberbatch (which, dude, come on), he's also not complaining about the thousands of women who do see it, and who are sending him lustful, desperate messages from all over the world.

You can see more pictures of Tyler looking exactly like Benedict Cumberbatch, seriously, it's downright unnerving, on his Instagram.