Those Footprints On Wale's Album About Nothing Cover Will Look Familiar If You're A Sneakerhead

Artist Sue Tsai tells MTV News how she put together the detailed cover art.

We're inching closer to the release of The Album About Nothing, and on Tuesday (Mar. 3), Wale debuted one of three album covers -- and the devil is really in the details here. Especially in those footprints.

Queens-based artist, Sue Tsai, who previously collaborated with Wale on his artwork for "Bad," explained to MTV News that the MMG rapper had something very specific in mind, for his most personal album yet.

"He wanted to portray a concept where he and Jerry Seinfeld were walking down this path and closing a chapter, while beginning a new one," Tsai told MTV News. "He wanted the moon to be very big and reflective of a blue moon -- and the footsteps, were very important."

The cover clearly incorporates the Seinfeld element that we saw on The Mixtape About Nothing and More About Nothing, but the footprints also hold significance.

“The most key things were the footprints," Tsai explained. "Originally I’d just done regular footprints, and last minute he wanted to do [Air] Jordan 4 and 6 prints -- which were the same sneakers Jerry Seinfeld wore on the cover of Complex, and they're also Jerry’s favorite sneakers.”

Since Wale reached out suddenly and gave her about 24 hours to turn around a sketch -- "With painting it’s a lot different than most other artwork, because once it’s physically painted there's not much you can change" -- it wasn't the easiest task.

“It was a pretty hard thing to do," she admitted. "I had to find the sneakers and get the soles of them and figure out what their imprint would look like. So doing the footprints were a whole project in itself, but he was super happy with it.”


And, the reaction was instant. “So many of his fans were like, 'Oh my god, you guys did the Jordan 6’s,' so I was happy we put in the extra effort to do the detail," she said of the finished project.

Just to clarify -- those are Wale's footprints on the left in black, and Jerry Seinfeld's on the right in white.

The end product is deeply personal to Wale, but the 28-year-old did slip in a little of her signature style for her first album cover.

“This isn’t something you would see and think, ‘this is Sue’s artwork,' so I asked him to add wild flowers," she explained. "If you look really closely, you can tell that they're my Lotus Flower Bombs that I do. I had to sneak in my little touch somehow.”

There are two more covers on the way, but don't expect them to look anything like this.

"I've seen the other two and they're very different. Mine was more for his core fans and the other two are more "Seinfeld" driven and closer to what we saw on The Mixtape About Nothing."

Hear Wale explain the direction of The Album About Nothing in the video below.