Dude Wipes And Ostrich Races: See Fan-Favorite Moments From ‘Fantasy Factory’

Take a look back before the show closes its doors for good (again).

You might only get one shot at a first impression, but thanks to Rob Dyrdek's farewell precedent, there's no such cap on goodbyes.

"Fantasy Factory," which was originally supposed to close the curtains after its sixth season, decided to up the ante with a FINAL FINAL Season 7 instead, and with egg-chugging, car-wrecking and life-sized toilet-flushing considered, fans have never been so happy that the warehouse's operator broke his word. But what will they remember most from the last batch of episodes?

During an "FF" marathon on Saturday, we asked loyal viewers to wax nostalgic and share their favorite stops along the show's victory lap with a #fantasyfactoryfinale hashtag, and the Twitterverse certainly wasn't shy about nominating its favorites. Look back at some yearbook-worthy snippets from Season 7 below, tell us if your favorite bit stands among them and be sure to watch the show's final (final!) episode tomorrow night at 10/9c!

    Dude, where's my wipe?
    "My fav moment is when they made that dude wipe commercial! Definitely will be missed! #FantasyFactoryFinale" -- @Sweet_Xscapee Annnnd they're off!
    "not gonna lie the Ostrich race was probably one of my favorite moments!! #FantasyFactoryFinale" -- @_ACav_1 Is there Rob Dyrdek-specific insurance?
    "My Favorite Moment Was When Rob Threw Bowling Balls Through Drama's Windows. #FantasyFactory #FantasyFactoryFinale" -- @KingJaeZion To your corners!
    "Loved Toe wrestling #FantasyFactoryFinale" -- Dion H. Penguin: Your new favorite pizza topping
    "#FantasyFactoryFinale! My favorite episode was with peppi the penguin and chanel's video bass in the trunk" -- @gordita878