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No Call Me Maybe's About It, Carly Rae Jepsen ‘Couldn’t Deny’ ‘I Really Like You’ Was Her First Single

If a song keeps you 'awake at night,' its a hit!

Carly Rae Jepsen has pretty much picked up exactly where she left off, bringing us an infectious pop single with "I Really Like You," that just may get stuck in your head just as long as her hit, "Call Me Maybe."

And it seems like that may be the measure of success when it comes to Carly, since she knew that "I Really Like You" you was the perfect first single since it had the tendency to keep her awake at night.

"It just sort of raised its hand in the pack of them all," Carly told MTV News of the song. "I had written quite a few and collabed on a bunch of them as well and then just sort of all of us couldn't deny that this was a song that was keeping us awake at night, it's like alright thats probably the one."

With it's infectious melody and lyrics, Carly delivers yet again a song that's super catchy, but also relatable.

"I think its sort of a common feeling, that you're not quite ready to tell someone you love them, but you're more than a little bit in like with them, you're kind of infatuated," she said. "It's probably that moment before you actually know them you've dreamt up this perfect idea, so yeah, I really times 6 like you. It seemed to make sense."

And the timing of her return seemed to make sense to Carly, who, after her 2012 album Kiss, took a step back to do some "soul searching" since she "didn't exactly know what I was going to do next."

Instead, Carly took some time to explore. She starred as Cinderella on Broadway, spent time "hiding in forests," "sipping tea" and "hiking to the tippy tops of L.A. peaks" where she came to the realization that she was ready for her return.

"I did do a lot of soul searching and LA hikes and I'm a little bit of a weirdo with my music choices, not pop like you might think, it's very Tom Waits and Muddy Waters and so one day I was listening to Muddy Waters on my hike and he stated singing this song "I'm Ready," she said. "And as the song was kind of making its way through I was like 'yeah I kind of am' and it felt really kind of like a moment for myself."

But that doesn't mean there isn't pressure following the success of "Call Me Maybe," but she feels by taking a step back she was able to "really make something of quality."

"I don't even think that it was me putting pressure on myself, I think there was just an undeniable bit of pressure there," she said. "I think there was a moment where we were like we could rush this or I can try to really make something of quality and I think that does take time."