UberX Parody ‘UberEx,’ A New Way For Your Ex To Drive You Crazy: Watch

Because they didn't take you for enough of a ride the first time.

If you live in a major city, you've probably installed the Uber app on your phone -- because despite UberX's surge pricing (and exploitation of labor guilt factor), it's a pretty damn convenient way to get around -- and you also probably run into your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend every now and then. As Cracked imagines, what if you could combine these experiences?

OK, it didn't work out the first time your ex picked you up. But now they're behind the wheel of your rideshare, not your relationship, and they know exactly where your destination is (because their stuff is still there).

"We offer a quick, comfortable, personal ride that only an ex could deliver," the narrator explains. Let's hope they're fully insured for passengers jumping out in the middle of traffic.