Watch Chris Hemsworth Totally Fail At The 'Dirty Dancing' Lift In These SNL Promos

Kate McKinnon did not have the time of her life while making this video.

Chris Hemsworth will be hosting "Saturday Night Live" on March 7, and his promos announcing the show are now online.

The bits are mostly what you'd expect, including some riffing on Hemsworth's role as Thor, and one bit in which SNL cast member Kate McKinnon just stares speechlessly at the actor's pecs until it gets weird. (You'd do it, too. Admit it.)

The best part, though, is where Kate asks Chris if he'll indulge her in a longtime dream: Performing the iconic lift move from "Dirty Dancing." Chris agrees immediately, but things go awry when it turns out that he hasn't actually seen "Dirty Dancing," and for some reason thinks it's a wrestling movie.