There's Basically Nothing In The World That Norman Reedus Hasn't Licked

But he draws the line at playing horsey with guys in rubber masks.

Norman Reedus was on "Conan" Tuesday (March 3), where he discussed several things -- including the story of how he came to be an infamous people-licker.

So, um, did you know that Norman Reedus loves licking people? Because I didn't! And I'm not sure how I feel about it! But apparently, it's common knowledge: Norman has licked human beings and objects all over the world, because this is a thing that he does.

Not only that, his reputation as a serial licker is so firmly entrenched at this point that fans will come up to him in public asking to be licked, or worse, asking him to lick their family members.

"Dads will come up to me with their daughters and be like, 'Lick my daughter! Go ahead!'" Norman said.

What he didn't say, and what I'm really wondering about, is the age of said daughters. Because if it's a baby, that's weird, but if it's a teenager, that's your kid moving out of the house at age 18 and never speaking to you again. (Dads, seriously: If you love Norman Reedus so much, maybe let him lick you and leave your children out of it?)

Enjoy Norman's full pantheon of licking lore in the video above; be sure to stay for the part where he talks about being asked to do cowboy roleplay by a pair of dudes in rubber horse-head masks.