This Photo Of Prince On His Middle School Basketball Team Will Make Your Dreams True

we're gonna need this framed, stat.

Thanks to Deadspin, we now know that Prince played a mean game of basketball during his time at Bryant Junior High School in Minneapolis, MN.

The “Purple Rain” singer reportedly had a nice jump shot, a sick handle (read: dribbling ability) and (as we can see for ourselves) an epic afro.

As a Central High School freshman, Prince made the junior varsity squad and even coached the grade-school team at his church.

The only rub against Prince during his playing days was his attitude about coming off the bench. At 5’2, he was the spark plug for the second unit, but didn’t like not being part of the starting five and he let his coach know it “many, many times.”

Poor Prince! Is this why he decided to pursue a career in music instead? Regardless, this picture will forever live in infamy. Thank you, Internet. You have bestowed a beautiful gift upon us.