Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Britney Spears’ Weave Fell Out On Stage And She Handled It Like An Effin’ Pro

Renegade hair extensions will NOT keep Brit down.

Britney Spears has lived in the spotlight for the majority of her life by now, and she’s gone through her fair share of ups and downs (I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard the inspirational motto “If Britney can make it through 2007, you can make it through today”).

So when the pop princess suffers an embarrassing onstage snafu, do you think she becomes flustered and mortified, scurrying off with her tail between her legs?


Britney is a mothereffin’ professional popstar, and the best one we have on this planet right now. Argue all you want with me about this — Godney is untouchable, IMHO.

Brit recently demonstrated her unbreakable professionalism when part of her blonde weave fell off her head during a “Piece of Me” show at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood, where she’s holding court through 2017.

During “Do Something,” the loose extension affixed itself to the back of her sexy black jumpsuit before eventually falling to the floor. But as this fan footage shows, Britney didn’t even flinch, carrying on with her choreography like the seasoned pro she is.

Let Brit’s courageous actions be your inspiration today to keep calm and carry on, renegade weave be damned.